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Journey Within To Embrace Uncertainty


Journey within to embrace uncertainty:


A 10-day yoga and journaling program. 40 – 50 mins classes every day with yoga, meditation & journaling


We have always lived in uncertainty. Even when we think we have everything planned out, things may change direction and surprise us with the unknown. Other times we are either in a transitional period in our life or figuring out our next moves. As we have learned this year, anything can happen.

When circumstances are out of our control, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by fear and negative emotions. We may think that bottling up our feelings, putting on a brave face, or forcing ourselves to be positive somehow is easier. But denying or suppressing our emotions will only increase stress and anxiety and make us more vulnerable to depression, burnout, or even trap us in a downward spiral of endless “what-ifs” and worst-case scenarios about what tomorrow may bring. Believe me, I’ve been there!

This 10-day program takes you through a journey within, with the practices of Yoga & Journaling. You will learn to understand yourself better and gain the tools to handle the challenges and uncertainty of life from a whole new perspective. You will discover that uncertainty isn’t necessarily something we can necessarily overcome. But we can use tools to deal with it by embracing it and even using it to transform our lives.

This process will allow you to become aware of how you are being affected and why, so you can choose how you want to react from a centered place and make clear decisions to move forward.  With this, anytime you feel anxious or frustrated with not knowing what is ahead, you can tune within to re-connect to trust, remember your strength, tune into your heart and come back to a flow state of mind. My aim in this program is that you fully understand and embody the concepts of impermanence, surrender and that “everything is working for you and not against you.”


 In this program:

Each day will have a theme for the yoga class and a topic that goes in hand to journal on. You will embody this topic through the 40-50 mins of Yoga (vinyasa flow, yin or yoga nidra. For all levels) and then take 10 mins to journal with a journaling prompt that will encourage you to take things out of your mind and into a safe space to be able to see it from a different perspective, let it go or transmute it.

Ideally, you commit to 10 days in a row, but you can also design it to your schedule and time. You will have this program to do at any time and repeat as much as you’d like.



This 10 day program is for you if :

    • You have been feeling anxious, overwhelmed or frustrated when dealing with uncertainty and would like tools to better handle these emotions
    • You’d like to go deeper into your yoga, breath and meditation practice
    • You’d like to start a practice of journaling or continue committed to it
    • You’d like to be guided back to a place of trust and connection to self and beyond.
    • You’d like to get to know yourself better
    • You’d like to fully embrace with an open heart living a life of uncertainty and impermanence
    • You’d like to learn how to deal better with the daily challenges
    • You’d like to have a sense of calm when encountering the unknown
    • You love Yoga & Journaling and would like to deepen both practices
    • You simply feel called to it!

If you agree with 1 or more of these statements (even a little bit), this program is for you!

Open to Men & Women ages 18+

  • 10 pre-recorded classes (one per day) with Yoga, Meditation, and Journaling practices of around 40-50  mins.
  • Daily Journaling prompts
  • All classes are yours to keep and revisit anytime


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